Amici Cellars of Napa Valley produces award-winning premium wines created by friends, for friends.

A Blend of the Old and the New

“It began as a small project between friends, but Amici has grown beyond our imagination, with outstanding wines that earn critical acclaim year after year. What it comes down to, we’ve learned, is that nothing replaces hard work.”

Bob Shepard, Amici Proprietor

Friends & Family

“Amici is a family-owned winery, and for us that means we—the owners—are out in the vineyards, we’re in the cellar helping make the wines, and possibly our favorite part is getting to spend time out on the road sharing our wines with the world.”

John Harris, Amici Proprietor

Wines of Exceptional Character

“Our goal at Amici is to make wines of exceptional character, and it comes from very intentional winemaking. We have the privilege of making wines from legendary Napa Valley growers, and our aim in the cellar is to bring out the most natural, elegant, balanced expression in the wines.”

Anthony Biagi, Amici Winemaker